Company Profile

Nano Sciences And Ozone Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an ISO certified, SMERA Rated, NSIC,D&B ,Karnataka state DIC Registered company and CHANNEL PARTNER TO MNRE, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA

Registered and incorporated in India with ministry of corporate affairs, as a company engaged in Research and development of Renewable energy products centralized its Asia pacific operations at the Silicon valley of India-Bangalore.

They have positioned its global center in the United States with a group of scientists engaged in thrusting research in harvesting solar energy with the help of the edge of the technologies of Nano and Quantum sciences which is already marked as vibrant technologies for the 21st century.


To provide the world renewable energy sources at affordable prices. Our team was able to develop a unique technology and state of the art solution that will save millions of tons of fossil fuels because we take into account the environmental impact of our products from raw materials to the manufacturing process. We are always striving to improve the impact on the environment and we are very proud to say that our patented technology does not generate any harmful emission during operation and production.


No natural resources is as abundant as the Sun. By harnessing this resources solar energy provides a sustainable renewable and clean source of energy. We use cutting edge technology to produce high-quality and unique poly/mono crystalline, Nano Technology panels with competitive cost structures. We manufacture solar PV panels using our new proprietary patented technology. We also aspire to be socially and environmentally responsible for every decision we make and proud to say that we have the smallest carbon foot print in the industry


We develop,manufacture market products that simplify,automate and innovate complex bio-medical testing. Our diagnostic systems are found in hospitals and other critical care settings around the world and produce information used by physicians to diagnose patients. Scientist use our life science research instrument to study complex biological problems including causes of disease to sub atomic levels. It is a one minute tool in the physicians desk to screen and study the hidden history with in no time to the depth of nuclear level.


All our products are warranted for limited periods from 1 years to 25 years.


Our prices are very competitive and par with any standard corporate of the similar line.
Corporate and bulk prices extremely competitive and will be design to handle time to time.
As a basic manufacturer for almost all products we have the flexibility of pricing for any competitive environment which can catalyze the penetration level in the global market.


Total area of operation handling from india ,UAE, Singapore ,Malaysia, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,
Putting up 3700 franchisees all over India to extend our services from the urban to the remote villages .we believe in technology and services . we are planning to franchise all these local operations to educated unemployed youths from the local areas or those who are already in to renewable energy segment. Thus we are creating more than 10000 new employment in the Indian civil arena.
UAE .We are positioning in the global trade hub “Dubai “ for catering the services to Entire UAE. Other . There will be an exclusive operating centre based in Kuwait.